The latest updates from ImmersaView

Time travelling @I/ITSEC 2014

February 25, 2015

To get the most out of training you need to control time itself.

VADDAR at Korean Army Modeling and Simulation Conference & Exhibition

January 19, 2015

We are pleased to be working in partnership with KMT to introduce VADAAR to the South Korean market.

InAVation Awards 2015

January 14, 2015

Feltech’s use of VADAAR at the ‘Immersive Learning Facilities for Babcock and the London Fire Brigade’

Videopro and ImmersaView demonstrate VADAAR at AETM

December 03, 2014

ImmersaView was pleased to partner with VIDEOPRO at the recent AETM (Association of Educational Technology Managers) conference in Cairns, Queensland.

Videopro partner with ImmersaView to become a reseller in Aus/NZ

October 20, 2014

Videopro are now an authorised reseller in Australia & New Zealand for ImmersaView’s image correction software & video streaming solutions.

See VADAAR in action in Sony & Partners Consultants Day in London

September 25, 2014

ImmersaView is delighted to be a partner with Sony for their “Shaping the Future of AV” event.

Harrison’s walk for Make-A-Wish Foundation

June 13, 2014


Demonstrating VADAAR at NEC Showcase 2014

June 03, 2014

The 2014 NEC Showcase continued to provide an outstanding opportunity to discover 'best in class' innovative technology solutions.

ImmersaView’s Community Partner, Zaidees Rainbow Foundation

February 04, 2014

The founders of ImmersaView first met Allan Turner, the CEO of Zaidee's Foundation, at the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. Inspired by Allan's touching story and entrepreneurial spirit, ImmersaView pledged our support to Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation.

AGRONN join ImmersaView’s reseller network

December 20, 2013

AGRONN Simulation Technologies are now an authorised reseller for ImmersaView image correction products.

ImmersaView joins the RPDE program

December 20, 2013

ImmersaView joins RPDE in 2013 with a capability of software development and integration.

The next level in visual technology VADAAR demonstrated at SimTecT 2013

November 27, 2013

Sharing the Results: The Role of Application Independent After Action Review

ImmersaView Warp® adds immersion to the Emirates Aviation Experience

September 13, 2013

ImmersaView Warp® drives immersion at the Emirates Aviation Experience, opened to the public by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and Tim Clarke, President of Emirates Airlines on the 6th July.

ImmersaView celebrate at the 2013 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Awards night

August 16, 2013

ImmersaView is pleased to announce that Dr Andy Boud and Dr Alex Streit have been named winners of the Technology Category / Northern Region winners in the 2013 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year awards.

ImmersaView & Immersive Display Solutions sign reseller agreement at ITEC 2013

May 22, 2013

Today at ITEC 2013 in Rome, ImmersaView Pty Ltd and Immersive Display Solutions Inc. (IDSI) signed a reseller agreement to provide ImmersaView Warp®, ImmersaView Blend® and SimVisuals® in the Americas.

ImmersaView at NEC Solutions Showcase 2013

April 30, 2013

ImmersaView will attend the NEC Solutions Showcase 2013 in London. We are pleased to present the next revolution in multi-channel blending software for flat-screen and curved-screen visual systems; ImmersaView Blend® & ImmersaView Warp®

ImmersaView at NVIDIA GTC 2013

March 11, 2013

ImmersaView will be presenting at NVIDIA's GTC 2013 conference in San Jose. We are pleased to present Ultra-high Resolution Displays and Managing Content using VADAAR.

ImmersaView & Korea Media Tech (KMT) sign a strategic partnership in Korea

February 08, 2013

The exclusive reseller agreement will enable KMT to provide ImmersaView Warp®, ImmersaView Blend® and SimVisuals® in South Korea.

Local innovators launch new product on global stage

December 12, 2012

Brisbane-based visualisation experts, ImmersaView, launched their new product—VADAAR—at this year’s Interservice / Industry Training Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, Florida.

“Digital Champion” ImmersaView leads the way in Brisbane’s digital future

November 28, 2012

ImmersaView has been identified as one of Brisbane’s digital champions following an audit by Ernst and Young.

A look at the future: ImmersaView launches VADAAR at I/ITSEC 2012

November 20, 2012

ImmersaView customers and suppliers will be able to see and experience the next level in visual technology with the launch of VADAAR: the software that lets you record, stream and review simulations using existing networks and hardware.

See the Big Picture

September 27, 2012

ImmersaView announces the release of ImmersaView Blend™- the next revolution in multi-channel blending software for flat-screen visual systems

Revolutionizing Visual Displays

June 26, 2012

ImmersaView announced today that ImmersaView Warp™ — a multi-channel blending and warping software product — has replaced their market defining Sol7 product.