ImmersaView Warp

Advanced geometry correction and edge blendingInquire

ImmersaView Warp provides geometry correction and edge blending for curved screens, flat walls, or even abstract shapes. Any number of channels can be blended together with this simple, intuitive tool.

ImmersaView® Warp™ is elegant simplicity applied – geometry correction and edge blending powerful enough to handle the toughest jobs, and simple enough to allow you to focus on the bigger issue of communication.

ImmersaView Warp is a simple driver that runs in the background of your PC using the “free time” of the graphics card to correct geometry. It works seamlessly with your applications with no “integration” needed. Install it, make your adjustments, and get on with the business of communicating!

The resolution is governed by your graphics card. Unlike hardware systems, there is zero latency. Most importantly, there are no extra hardware boxes, or connections that are obvious points of failure, meaning that you will spend more time using your system, and less time fixing it.

Keep it simple – elegantly simple. Get the most out of your display system with ImmersaView Warp.

  • Your resolution is limited only by your graphics card – unlike hardware solutions that must be repurchased as your resolution increases.
  • ImmersaView Warp is the most reliable option, no additional hardware, cables or connection means that you get more up-time!
  • Overlap zones independent of application so you don’t have to write any special program code.
  • Many projectors, one computer – using a graphics card with multiple outputs, simplifying your deployment, saving money, and increasing up-time!
  • Ready backup system, USB dongle license may be moved between machines so a spare loaded with software can be ready to go at any time, further reducing downtime!
  • Future proof: Think you might go to higher resolution in the future? ImmersaView Warp is ready!
  • Features zero latency at no additional charge!


  • Supported Configurations: Single IG with multi-display,
  • Blending: Image top, bottom, left, right, and linear
  • Mapping: Linear, Curved
  • Test Patterns: Ability to load internal or custom generated test patterns
  • Frame Rate Limiter: Included
  • Online Product Delivery: Software download via secure login
  • Offline License Control: Supported via USB dongle


  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP and up
  • 3D Subsystems: DirectX 7 and up, OpenGL 1.4 and up
  • Windows Desktop Support: Microsoft Windows 7 Aero and up
  • Supported Graphics Cards: AMD Radeon series, AMD Mobility Radeon 9500 and up, AMD FireGL series, AMD FirePro series, Intel GMA series, Intel HD series, NVIDIA GeForce FX and up, NVIDIA GeForce Go 6 and up, NVIDIA Quadro FX and up

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