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What can VADAAR 2 do for you?

VADAAR stands for Video, Audio, and Data for After Action Review. The software allows you to stream, record, and review, video, audio, and data to anywhere in the world from any device. Record your screens, record your streams, capture your data. The world’s top military forces, emergency services, and education institutions use VADAAR.

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Record and stream anything, anywhere

Use VADAAR 2 for screen recording, stream recording, and data capture. All within a light and upgradeable software framework that uses your existing computer network, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

An essential tool for training and simulation

The world’s top defence organizations rely on VADAAR 2 for military mission training. Simulation is now more complex and detailed than ever, with more data, more users, and an endless expanse of scenarios. VADAAR 2 removes complexity and provides a framework that allows you to record, stream, and review all of your content, it gives you the control where it matters most.

Record your streams, capture everything

VADAAR 2 records seamlessly across all your devices, at any resolution, in sync. With access to recordings from any device and any session VADAAR 2 is an invaluable tool for your after action review. It gives you the ability to see what happened, how it happened and when it happened.

Support for screen resolutions 4K and above.

Easily access all recorded video data, using open industry standard file formats.

Easy to use Interface

VADAAR 2 helps you share relevant information with the people who need it most. By combining your video, audio, and data streams into one seamless interface, you get to capture every aspect. Furthermore, Remote Desktop Control can be used to control VADAAR 2 and its components from remote computers.

Mission recording for LVC environments

Record, monitor, and debrief in Live, Virtual, and Constructive environments. Connect multiple participants into a coordinated brief/debrief for any live or training system. You can record multiple computer screens concurrently and have full video synchronization.

Capture any UDP data,
including DIS

You can record Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) or any other UDP data and synchronize this truth data with what the participant experienced. Compare what they thought they saw, heard, and did (perceived truth) with what was presented to them, how they reacted to it, and the truth data behind it all. VADAAR 2 can reconstruct the network environment so that you can work with your favorite simulation tools.

Make notes throughout each exercise

Add bookmarks to tag points of interest with notes for review during debrief. Bookmarks can also be automatically triggered based on events. Then, recall the bookmarks during playback for precision teaching moments.

Be in control,
see everything

Display live streams from computers, IP cameras, and RTSP sources onto large wall displays in your control room. See everything to make effective strategic and tactical decisions. Perfect for emergency services and military control rooms.

Lesson capture

VADAAR 2 can also be used in the education sector to record classroom video and audio. This lecture recording software is ideal for online and distance education.


When you purchase VADAAR 2 you become part of the team. We offer advanced support services whether you are a small or large customer. We’re with you at every stage of the process.

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Tech Specs

Find out more about the VADAAR 2 features that enable you to stay in control as well as the low technical requirements you will need to welcome VADAAR 2 into your enterprise.

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Tech Specs

Advanced connection framework at your fingertips.


  • Easy to use web interface for intuitive operation.
  • Simple to set-up layouts of viewers and recorded streams.
  • Role Based Access Control with authentication integration with LDAP and Active Directory if required.
  • Save and recall Viewer Canvas as a Scene for quick transitions.
  • Control all connected devices using GraphQL/REST API.
  • Control all devices using web page (Chrome, Edge, Firefox).
  • Manage all media (recordings, images, content, directories) directly in the web browser.
  • Upload your own media files for use within VADAAR.
  • Preview live streams directly in the browser.
  • Create and edit Bookmark times in recorded streams and then attach a name and description.
  • Configure storage area on a Local Drive, Network Attached Storage or Share Folder.
  • Integrate VADAAR into existing applications using Webhooks or the provided GraphQL/REST API.


  • Real-time capture and encoding of computer.
  • Capture any display resolution of the computer.
  • Captures individual displays.
  • Captures audio speaker output or microphone inputs.
  • Captures any RTSP compatible device like IP Cameras or Hardware Encoders (H.264, AAC, u-law, MP4A-LATM).
  • Uses on-chip encoding on any supported NVIDIA GPU.
  • Record any capture source to open industry standard file formats.
  • Direct to web browser viewing using WebRTC technology.
  • Send content to any Viewer.
  • Supports all video resolutions.
  • 4K compatible with minimal CPU overhead.
  • Less than 200ms latency from capture to display using 4K content.
  • "Store and Foward" recording capability allows for limited network connectivity recording scenarios.
  • Works in conjuction with SimVisuals 2 for capture of undistorted views.
  • Can be deployed to Windows, CentOS 7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.


  • Supports all display types (Monitors, Video Walls, Projectors).
  • Configure to see infinite number of streams (subject to PC specifications).
  • Codec support for H264, VP8, VP9, AAC, u-law and MP4A-LATM.
  • Playback any recorded file (mkv and mp4).
  • Centrally edit Viewer layout using VADAAR.
  • Display images (PNG, JPG, BMP) with alpha channel usage.
  • Rotate any input source.
  • Watermark a input source.
  • Adjust aspect ratio correctness of input source (Stretch, Zoom & Fit).
  • Synchronize multiple input sources for display.
  • Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind and Seek recordings in full synchronisation.
  • Picture in picture capability.
  • Can be deployed to Windows, CentOS 7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

System Requirements

If you want to run VADAAR 2, here's what it takes:


Operating System
  • Windows 10, CentOS 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
System Memory
  • 16 GB DDR4 (10 streams @ 1080p 30fps).
  • 8 GB of available storage (without recordings).
  • The total amount of storage required depends upon how much you record. Every hour of video and audio recorded at 6 Mbps requires 3 GB of storage space. As an example, 8 sources each 2 hours in length will require at least 48 GB of available storage.
  • Intel i7-6xxx or above (10 streams @ 1080p 30fps)
  • OpenGL 4.1 or above
  • DirectX 11.0 or above
  • 1 GB Memory
  • Example: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660  or AMD Radeon R7 360


Operating System
  • Windows 10, CentOS 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
System Memory
  • 8 GB DDR4
  • 8 GB of available storage (without recordings).
  • Intel i7-4xxx or above (5 streams @ 1080p 30fps).
  • OpenGL 3.0 or above
  • DirectX 9.0c or above
  • 512 MB Memory
  • Example: Nvidia GeForce 8400GS  or AMD Radeon HD 2350

What is VADAAR 2?

Video, Audio, and Data for After-Action Review

See How VADAAR 2 Stacks Up

The power of using software over hardware.

Key Features VADAAR 2

Advanced Software


AV Hardware

Easily integrated into your existing system Software installation Need to install hardware boxes, cables, switchers, etc
Use existing IP network Need to build dedicated AV network
I/O system scalability Add another license Need to install hardware boxes, cables, switchers, etc
Point-to-point streaming Goes through a central hub/switcher
Geographical limit Can be streamed to any location Limited to building or room
Resolution 8K or larger Limited to HDMI 2.0 or DP 1.2 standards. 4K
Number of sources Unlimited Physically limited by hardware bandwidth I/O
Number of outputs Unlimited Physically limited by hardware bandwidth I/O
Content scaling and cropping Included feature External scaling video processor hardware required
Content rotation Included feature
Low latency
Low resource overheads
Playback synchronization
Recording with event bookmarking
Install on to a Virtual Machine
Remotely managed
Developer API

Software that helps you do more

VADAAR 2 is a group of different software components that make up a connection framework. VADAAR 2 allows you to stream, record, and review, any video, audio, and data source, over any distance, using computer networks rather than traditional AV hardware.


VADAAR provides centralized control over all its components and services. It authenticates these services and organizes them into a seamless system. VADAAR can be accessed from anywhere on the network using a modern web browser such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.


Sender enables your computer to stream video, audio, and data. Simply install Sender on to the computer you want to stream from and connect it to a Viewer. With very little performance overhead, you can be sure that Sender won’t impact any other running applications.


Viewer, as the name suggests, lets you view your video, audio, and data streams. By using the VADAAR interface you can configure Viewer to see an unlimited number of streams as well as customize the way they are displayed on your screen.

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