Effortlessly Create Stunning Visuals with Bohemia and ImmersaView


Bohemia’s VBS Blue IG now seamlessly integrates with ImmersaView’s SimVisuals. The integration makes it effortless to set up dome displays with Bohemia’s VBS Blue IG and ImmersaView’s SimVisuals software. “Whether you’re a VBS user wanting to add a dome display, or you’ve got a dome and want to add stunning visuals, it’s just a single click away.” Says Dr. Alex Streit, Director of Advanced Technologies at PLEXSYS. “This is a huge saving in time and effort.”

SimVisuals powers dome displays worldwide, ranging from JTAC trainers to flight simulators to emergency management trainers. “Dome displays offer a sense of immersion that makes training more compelling than on a flat screen alone. They are ideally suited for group tasks and tasks that involve interaction with real-world and simulated equipment.” Says Alex.

VBS Blue IG offers comprehensive image generation capability, sensor simulation, a vast model library and high-quality graphics offered at highly competitive pricing. “VBS Blue IG is the latest in our image generation offering,” says Cory Kumm, SVP Corporate Development at Bohemia Interactive Simulation, “with beautiful graphics from space to blades of grass. It’s exciting to see it integrated with SimVisuals on the dome.”


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