See ImmersaView at I/ITSEC 2015

ImmersaView to feature on over 30 booths at I/ITSEC 2015. The buzz at this year’s I/ITSEC is Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC). ImmersaView will feature on over 30 booths, bringing all elements of LVC together on the show floor. I/ITSEC is the ideal time to see VADAAR network streaming technology in full operation, featuring inter-booth, intra-booth, and long-haul streaming.

Operation Blended Warrior

ImmersaView are proud to participate in Operation Blended Warrior (OBW) – OBW will run for the duration of the conference, presenting a simulated Humanitarian & Disaster Response, with over 20 government and industry organizations joining forces to create a Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) environment.


See the main action on OBW Booth #339 to observe participants during each exercise, despite being geographically separated, through VADAAR’s video, audio and data streaming capabilities. VADAAR will be deployed across the following booths as part of OBW: AEgis (#1901), Alion (#835), Aptima (#429), Boeing (#1700), Bohemia Interactive Simulations (#2248), CAE (#1734), Camber (#1225), Cubic (#249), ECS (#1463), FlightSafety (#1401), L-3 (#1449), Lockheed Martin (#2235), PLEXSYS (#2435), Rockwell Collins (#2201), SAIC (#1273), Soar Technologies (#2200), TRU Simulation (#1101), VT MAK (#827), NAWCTSD (#439), PM TRASYS (#1533) & AFAMS (#1539).

Immersive Display Solutions Inc. (#1580)

Immersive Display Solutions, Inc. (IDSI) is a leading integrator of affordable immersive display systems. Visit booth #1580, to experience their VADAAR-powered simulation review system, which is seamlessly integrated with dome and spherical display screens, emulated military equipment, and battle space management systems.


Air National Guard Trainer Development (#1562)

See VADAAR on a 7’ by 12’ display at booth #1562, connecting to the DTOC in Des Moines. The Air National Guard and AETC Trainer Developments will be showing the C130H2 MMCT, a full-scale replica cockpit including navigator and flight engineer stations. Streams will be coming from the training and visual systems, as well as live feeds over long-haul from Oklahoma.

Calytrix (#2459)

Calytrix will be deploying VADAAR in a Command & Control display showcasing their latest Live, Virtual and Constructive training solutions.

Rockwell Collins (#2201)

Drop by the Rockwell Collins booth to see VADAAR in action switching between cockpit and JTAC screens and showing close air support missions. This is also an exciting opportunity to witness the demonstration of multi-level security in training. See it all live on the show floor at Booth #2201.

Meet the Team

ImmersaView will have Australian and U.S. representation at the show, and are looking forward to seeing you there. Contact us now to meet with the team!

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