VADAAR 2 New Release – V2.3

ImmersaView is excited to bring you the latest update of VADAAR 2 – version 2.3. It can be downloaded from Portal. The highlights for this release are:

• Cropping. Video streams can now be cropped to capture a specific area on the display. Adjust the size of your crop visually, or by typing in your desired values. Values can be specified as pixels or percentages of the display.

• Optimized Desktop Capture for Windows. Capture and stream 4K desktop
content without taking an excessive CPU hit by leveraging dedicated system
features. A supported Nvidia GPU or Intel CPU is required.

• Multiple file downloads. Many files and folders can now be downloaded at once from the Recording Session Edit and Media Library pages. The collection of files is downloaded as a Zip archive.

• Scheduled Recording Sessions. The API provides the ability to schedule
Recording Sessions to start at specific times in the future.

• Recording Sessions can be searched to find relevant recordings.

Cropping a video stream on the Stream Edit page

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