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The MXJ F1 Simulator Centre, the first of a kind in Australia.

MXJ provide the everyday person with an opportunity to feel what it is like to be in the most prestigious racing vehicle in the world, with their state-of-the-art F1 simulator located in Brisbane. Implementing a replica life sized F1 body, MXJ wanted to completely immerse their customers in an experience that was as close to driving a real F1 as possible. To achieve this, they created a 120 degree curved display surface for the simulation content, powered by ImmersaView Warp to create a single seamless image.

Company Snapshot

Industry. Simulation

Product. Commercial Racing Simulation

Headquarters. Brisbane, Australia

Operations. Commercial F1 simulator open to the public

The Challenge

To create the ultimate in immersive racing simulation

To achieve this goal, MXJ planned to install two life-like F1 bodies into their simulation environment along with a form of wrap-around display to fully immerse users in the simulation. To power the display surface, MXJ approached ImmersaView to find software that would allow them to seamlessly blend their projectors into a single image, along with being able to easily control the content.

The Solution

A 120 degree field of view curved display, immersing users in the F1 experience.

To create a level of immersion that exceeded using multiple flat panel display screens a 2 meter high, 120 degree field of view curved display surface was created, powered by two high definition projectors. To allow the simulator content to be projected onto the curved surface across the two projectors, ImmersaView Warp was deployed, allowing the image to be warped and blended into a seamless single image, with easy control over the simulation content, powered by a single PC.

Technical Specifications

Each Simulator contains:

  • 2 meter high, 120 degree curved display.
  • Two High Definition projectors per car.
  • Replica F1 body.
  • ImmersaView Warp to provide a seamless image.

The Results

“I couldn’t have built it on my own if these current cutting–edge software and screen technologies weren’t available at an affordable price.”

Josh Ramsey, CEO at MJX F1 Simulator

The combination of software and strategy from ImmersaView, along with the life-like F1 cockpits provide MXJ with one of the most immersive F1 racing simulators we’ve ever seen.

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