Our Work

Mines Rescue NSW are on the cutting edge for virtual reality training in mining safety.

Mines Rescue has been providing services to help the mining industry manage risk and operate safely for almost 90 years. They have one of the highest reputations in the Australian mining industry. Mines Rescue’s primary role is to provide underground incident response, an area in which they excel, as a result of harnessing their decades of experience.

Company Snapshot

Industry. Mining
Product. Emergency Response Training and Assessment.
Founded. 1926
Headquarters. New South Wales, Australia
Operations. 4 Rescue Stations throughout NSW

The Challenge

The worlds most advanced mine safety training simulator, specifically for the mining industry.

Mines Rescue set out to create four state-of-the-art training facilities across New South Wales to enable Mines Rescue to recreate various hazard scenarios in an interactive yet safe environment. Each site comprised of a 360 degree stereoscopic theatre, large immersive curved screen display, and half-dome displays.

The Solution

Utilizing ImmersaView's SimVisuals software the 360° Stereoscopic Theater provides a fully immersive 3D experience.

12 projectors are combined over a cylindrical 3D display surface, measuring a staggering 10 meters in diameter with a 4 meter height. The theater offers space for groups of participants at a time. The display is driven by a cluster of commodity PCs. The curved screen displays consist of up to three edge-blended projectors with amphitheater style seating for large groups of participants. This display can be driven by a single commodity PC. The half-domes feature a console with standing room for a small group of operators.

Technical Specifications

Each Rescue Station contains:

  • 12 x 3D Projectors
  • 4 meter high 360 ° cylindrical display surface
  • SimVisuals to provide a seamless image.
  • 1 Curved screen
  • 4 Dome screens
  • Cluster of commodity PC's

The Results

Mines Rescue teams and supervisors can practice simulated emergencies, always knowing that they can stop and back up at any stage and start again.

ImmersaView's SimVisuals enables Mines Rescue to seamlessly use multiple training applications from different graphics engines without the need to integrate with each solution, ensuring that they can focus on the best solutions for their trainees. For more information about the software that made this possible, please click here.

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