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Delivering advanced and efficient Emergency training solutions

ImmersaView has been working closely with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), the primary provider of fire and emergency services in Queensland. The Queensland Combined Emergency Services Academy located at Whyte Island, Brisbane houses both Fire and Ambulance Academies, to train first responders to be prepared for emergency situations that may be faced in the field.

Company Snapshot

  • · Company The Queensland Combined Emergency Services Academy
  • · Product/Service Training for Fire and Rescue Service (FRS), Rural Fire Service (RFS) and State Emergency Service (SES)
  • · Founded 2001
  • · HQ based in Brisbane, QLD Australia
  • · Operations the primary provider of fire and emergency services in Queensland

The Challenge

Projector alignment, Calibration, and Training

To assist with this training QFES have a 180⁰ Virtual Reality (VR) Theatre with three projectors that is used to immerse trainees in various emergency situations including:

  • Procedural and familiarisation training of Emergency Services Recruits (Fire and Ambulance);
  • Further professional development of current Emergency Services Officers;
    • Emergency Response (Command and Control) Training;
    • Situational Awareness Training;
  • Rural Fire Fighters Training;
  • SES (State Emergency Service) Training for Natural Disaster and Emergency Response training.

QFES originally installed their VR Theatre in 2013 and had an opportunity to extend the life of the system by implementing a technology update. Specifically, there was a requirement to upgrade their lamp based DLP™ projectors to laser DLP™ projectors as well as updating their projector alignment software from an older version of our SimVisuals software to the newly released SimVisuals 2 AutoCal solution.

The Solution

A good synergy between hardware and software solutions

Upgrading QFES’ VR Theatre project, ImmersaView partnered with Panasonic. Working together brought a good synergy between hardware and software providers.

  • Why choosing Panasonic projectors?
    • ImmersaView and ImmersaView’s customers have previously used Panasonic projectors on a number of projects with exceptional results.
    • Extensive choice of available lenses.
    • Panasonic have an extensive range of laser projectors.
  • Advantage of SimVisuals 2 Advanced + AutoCal for QFES:
    • Our “Real-World” feature for reporting view frustum information for each projector that can then be entered into the simulation engine to give accurate viewing from the design eyepoint.
    • Our camera-based AutoCal feature that provides fast and accurate projector alignment and calibration. AutoCal can be seen in action here - SimVisuals 2 - Introducing AutoCal
    • Ability to switch to a desktop warping mode to support non-frustum aware software and standard Windows compatible applications included MS Office applications and media players.
    • Intuitive, easy to use interface.

Technical Specifications

  • Panasonic PT-RZ690B & ET-DLE085 Short Throw Lens
  • SimVisuals 2 Advanced + AutoCal
    • “Real-World” feature
    • Camera-based auto calibration
  • Installation, Projector alignment, Calibration, and end-user training

The Results

A seamless VR theatre for a simulated exercise

Acting Station Officer, Robert Hawxwell at QFES

Acting Station Officer, Robert Hawxwell at QFES said, “We are happy with the result of the upgrade with Panasonic projectors and ImmersaView’s edge blending software to achieve seamless VR theatre set up for our training.” “ImmersaView were pleased to support QFES over the years by providing SimVisuals 2 and installation to clearly present multiple training scenarios working jointly in a simulated exercise." Jayson Wockner-Pace, General Manager at ImmersaView added.

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